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Products and Services


Design, conduct, analyze, and report methodologically valid health, health care delivery and market research studies

(effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, cost-benefit, cost utility, surveys, audits)

Population, workplace and clinical epidemiology for program planning and evaluation

Knowledge mobilization, information products and systems for continuous improvement

Methods and systems for on-going measurement of employee health, and the associated costs and savings

Critical review – assesses existing studies on any health or health care topic by the strength of research methods and results

SHORTREPORTS ™ – quarterly updating service providing you only valid new evidence on the topics of your choice as to causes and effective initiatives, and how to apply the knowledge to your setting

Best practices benchmarking, analysis and comparison vs. current practice and results in your organization

Market access -

  1. DrugPlan Integrator ™   NEW!

  2. This service checks, corrects and refines market access measures used by manufacturers but derived from limited electronic plan design and pharmacy transaction data.

  1. Medical Device Informer

  2. Since 1998, this service has provided qualitative and quantitative data from group insurance interviews regarding drug and device coverage.

Consulting to Marketing & Sales Initiatives

Design and implement market research strategies pre-launch, launch and post-launch regarding delivery-chain performance, prospects, users and employers