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Assisting your organization to answer Good Questions

What are the main health issues among our employees or in the community population? What are the causes of these health issues?

We are acting to improve employee or community health, but are our health or health care efforts or group health benefits expenditures resulting in better health?

What is the best way to measure that?

Would their health have improved or declined even without our efforts due to other factors?

How do you know that?

What are the features of physical environments, organizations and workplace or community health programs that are known to be effective?

How do we adapt them to our setting?

What is not known and in what sub-groups are the features not effective?

How do we validly test to see if a new program is effective in these sub-groups?

Should we be able to achieve better health and/or cost results and if so, how?

Do the improvements in health from the product or program result in savings that outweigh the costs?

Is the insurance coverage for the more cost-beneficial product better than for its competitor?

Have a question that you need answered? We design and conduct studies and analyze the data as an objective third-party to get answers.