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Stay Sharp!

Work and Work Relationships

Are you assessing the impact of your employees' work processes and work relationships on their health, then investing in improving them? Or do you just spend more and more $ on group benefits? Find the optimum productivity from healthier, appreciative employees.

Here is why:

1) The largest contribution to the occurrence of coronary heart disease (CHD) in a large administrative organization can be from the work itself and work relationships, NOT from the combined effects of otherwise occurring high blood pressure and cholesterol, physical inactivity and smoking.

2) International studies affirm the impact of specific factors in work and work relationships for a wide range of illness beyond CHD!

3) Our Canadian workplaces are susceptible as well. The 2010 Sanofi-Aventis Healthcare Survey of 1,509 Canadian employees revealed that 63% have an increase in fatigue or insomnia or stress! Of those, 45% view work-related matters as the cause.

You are likely paying the price for this in drug $, productivity and disability days.